In 1607, English men and boys landed in a new land and began a new life. They build a glassworks, a fort, a church. They chopped wood and made timbers to sell back in England. They grew tobacco for a cash crop. They made bricks and tile.

They made a peace treaty with the Powhatan Indians, and met a young girl named Pocahantas. Several years later she converted to Christianity, and married John Rolfe.

From this small place on the shores of the James River, a new nation was born. It was exciting to see the archeological dig going on there. To see the foundations of the original church, that was built not too many years after their arrival.

I always get shivers to see God's hand in history (HIS-tory).


  1. History (HIS story) is right!

  2. What was the weather like? It looks like it was great! Did you see any tall ships?


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