Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Precious To My Heart

A month or so ago I returned from running an errand to find a note from Rachel on my bed. This was not surprising to me as she often will slide notes to me under doors or hand me a note in church. She is a quiet girl in general - though she can be quite crazy and loud!

This note brought me to tears. I tucked it into my desk drawer and came across it yesterday as I was cleaning. This time the note only brought a smile and a thankful heart.

You see this note was a confessional - I have her permission to share it here.

To Mom

From Rachel

Mom i think i'v done something very wrong. a long time ago I toke some candy without permision. I didn't know i was bad ontill the next day. You said that takeing something without asking is like stealing. I didn't know i promise i will never ever ever do it again.

i love you sooo much

I will honer you and God.

Can you understand my tears? Such precious joy in my heart! It showed me that this dear girl, who was only 9 at the time, has a relationship with the living God. This event had happened a while before the note and she had been feeling conviction.

I called her to me and she and I talked about it - she cried. We prayed.

Sometimes when we are in the midst of raising our children we can lose sight of why we are doing what we're doing. It is these precious moments that the Lord gives us to keep us going! Being intentional in their education and discipleship.


  1. This is so sweet. This is something my 9 year old says to me. She is very sensitive that way.

  2. What a sweet precious girl! You are doing an amazing job!

  3. Insights into our children's hearts are so wonderful.

    Love that sweet girl! I treasure the smiles I get on Sundays.

    Becky K.

  4. How sweet of her. Yes, I would have cried, too!

  5. Yes I can see why you would have tears!!

    What a sweet girl. For her to actually feel conviction, truly shows she indeed DOES have a relationship with the Lord that is alive and well!

  6. Ok I need tissue. She has always had my heart. There is always a sweetness about her that touches me so. That confession is so sweet. She truly wants to please the Lord and I am so thankful for her.

    Love Mom

  7. Wow--this is precious--a keeper
    you are doing a good job there, mom !


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