Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun Dresses

Yesterday, I finished dresses for Rachel and Sarah.  

I found this darling Mary Englebreit material at the fabric outlet for $3.50 a yard and bought quite a bit thinking I would make jumpers for them out of it.  

But one day while shopping at Target, I saw these cute t-shirts that were very good price and they go with the fabric beautifully!

I remembered a dress my sister in law made for my niece Jill many years ago.  Basically you make a skirt gather it at the waist and attach it to the t-shirt!  These are soft, comfy dresses to run around and play in, or to sleep in.  

They like them and so do I.  I may try this again and make a few changes in how I do it, but it was fun and it is great to see the finished result.


  1. Oh, they do look comfy!

    Becky K.

  2. They really look like a skirt and top, but a little dress is so much easier for the girls. They turned out great!

  3. I've made MANY dresses like this for my daughters in the past. A polo style shirt works well, too.

  4. i love the dresses they are sooo cute!!! but i love kyles face its like the "uhhh are we taking a picture?" haha. those shirts are reallly cute too. i need to get new clothes soon but i need money first haha

  5. These are adorable..I LOVE ME..for many many years....are we too old or in my case too chubby for these...great job..soon to be grandma !


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