Help Please!

 Marcia!  I love you!  Thanks for the suggestion to google how to get back to the old templates!  That's a "Well, Duh!" moment for me!  I fixed everything in about 5 minutes!  Hurray! 

You can find the link of what to do here!  I am posting it here, because I just may need it my Grandma Lily used to say "You just don't never know!"


All I wanted to do is change the background on this blog.

I found a new background on The Cutest Blog On The Block and applied it.  No problems!

However you couldn't read the post titles or the smaller writing under the blog I wanted to go in and change it.  With the old template layout stuff it was easy peasy.  Not so anymore!

I got confused thinking that in order to get to the font colors that I would have to go in through a template.  But then it applied the template we can't get it to remove etc.....

Anyone have any suggestions?  


  1. Come on over to Wordpress, Mrs. Rabe! LOL :) Wish I could help. I love the way you blog looks now. Very Autumn. :)

  2. you should be able to change the font colors only in Design and not change the template


  3. I wish I could help you. I changed mine by accident too. It seems like I read online that there is a way to go back to the old template. Try doing a google search on that :-)
    Good luck, and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I can't help, and still have the standard template. I hope some expert blogger gives you the answer.

  5. You can go up to design and fix your blog however you want...with this said, I have found that when I put in my own background such as the daisy's, it picks the coordinating should be able to go in and change the size....I don't know if this is what you're asking....

    If not explain again...


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