Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eastland Alpacas

One of the days that Tim, Lindsay and Emily were away, I took the younger set to Eastland Alpacas.

 I did not know much about Alpacas, but they are really neat and cute!  Their fleece is so soft.

This guy is so interesting looking. His fleece coloring is very unusual - Sue, one of the owners of the farm, said that almost all alpacas have several colors in their fleece, even if it is just a tiny spot, but genetics came together for this guy!  He is like a Dalmatian!

I loved this guy too.  They have interesting faces and with the way his fleece was on top of his head he made me smile.

They are going to be shearing their alpacas on May 14th and anyone is welcome to come watch.  It will probably take all day and you can come and go as you wish.  No need to make an appointment - in fact they are too busy on that day to give tours.

We enjoyed meeting Sue and appreciate the time she gave to us!

Busy week ahead here!  I'll do my best to keep up with you all!  I am loving having my family back!


  1. They have some very human-like features, don't they?! I mean my hair looks just like that last photo.

    So glad that your family is home safe and sound. What did they say about the new bathroom?

  2. So cute, owning one of these beautiful animals is on my wish list. I love the last photo! Seeing the alpacas being sheared would be great, hope you get to go and see how it is done. Enjoy your family reunion.

  3. Oh my!--They are so CUTE!!

  4. Alpacas sure have cute and interesting faces! Love them.

  5. They are cute!

    And Vee's comment had me laughing out loud!

    Enjoy your busy week...at least it is busy with everyone on the same continent. (Did you ever get that chore-free day?)

  6. That looks like so much fun! I love taking day trips like that with my kids.


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