Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Lottie

Well, the on going adventures of Lottie have come to an end.  I had not seen her for a few days which is not unusual given her love for adventure and wanderings.

However, since I have been feeding the horses I expected to see her around the is a favorite place for her to hang out.

On Sunday Rachel looked in her coop and found that she had died.  Sad.

We called her our ninja chicken as the dogs and our cat were all afraid of her.  She knew how to show them who was boss!  Now if she could only have taught Liberty...but I digress.

We have talked of more chickens and when Tim and the girls get back we have plans for him to convert a hay feeder he made,  and is not used, into a bigger coop.  We are planning on pullets but Lindsay wants some different breeds so she may buy some chicks too.  We can always use the old coop for them.

I am looking forward to having fresh eggs again.  And I hope that at least one of the hens will be a ninja like Lottie.  The fact that she died of natural causes and wasn't a meal for a predator shows the savvy she had!

One of my favorite memories of her was seeing her out of my bedroom window and wondering what on earth she was doing hopping this way and that.

Well our one eyed, ninja chicken was after a frog!  This city girl never knew a chicken could do those moves!  So funny.

Four more days until my other wanderers are home.  I can't wait!


  1. I just saw a chicken coop on wheels in my travels this week and thought what an amazing thing that would be. Doesn't it just speak of the heart that there's enough capacity there to love a chicken? Truly love a chicken and feel sad at her death? It's inspiring I tell you. A good day to you. Every day brings those travelers of yours closer to home!

  2. Good Morning Sweetie...
    So, so sorry to hear about Ms Lottie. She brought you smiles and laughter, and you will look out in the yard for many years to come and her memory will float right back to you. I too, was happy to hear it was natural causes and not a predator.

    I was smiling in my mind, as I could see you looking out the window and seeing her looking right to left and hopping about after that frog. Our critters just do the darndest things.

    I know in that next bunch of chickens forthcoming, there will be another little bossy Lottie. Can't wait to meet her dear one.

    Have a glorious day and thanks for sharing about Lottie. She has left many memories for you to smile about. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. It's always sad to lose a pet but, I'm glad she died of natural causes and not through the horror of being snatched by a predator. May you have more ninja chickens to come.

  4. Losing a beloved pet is so hard. It is amazing how much a part of the family they become, as Vee so poetically expressed.

    I know that you must be getting pretty excited to know that Tim and the girls will be back home in mere days!

  5. RIP Ninja Chicken. You fought the good fight...

    I have been away for a week at least so I took some time to get caught up on your blog this morning. I enjoyed both the pictures from your traveling band in Senegal and the Easter pictures. I know you'll be glad to have your family home!

    And good for you with the bathroom. I have one that is staring me in the face just BEGGING for a makeover. I keep muzzling its pleas by shutting the door.

  6. Sorry to hear your ninja chicken died! Sounds like she had a wonderful life at Creekside Cottage.

  7. Awww so sorry about Lottie but I'm happy it was natural causes and not a predator.

  8. RIP Lottie.
    Such an amazing bird!

    I think she was the perfect introduction for your family to the wonders of raising chickens. You'll enjoy the new ones too. They are just great to have around.

  9. I love your story of the ninja chicken! I watch mine all the time and find it very intertaining. Thier social behavior cracks me up. I hope you get more. You will enjoy them. They add to the country feel of your home. Not to mention the fresh eggs. yumyum


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