Happy Mother's Day


I love this quote by Beall Philips in the book Verses of Virtue;

"You see there is no higher calling, no greater privilege than being a vessel of life and later a teacher to souls which will live forever.  This is a crucial point:  These children will live forever, either in Heaven or in Hell.  We not only have the privilege of introducing them to the world, but God has given us the honor of assisting our husbands in the great work of introducing these little ones to the God who loves them.  No empire, no credential, no golden treasure, no corporate success story can ever rival the glory of this calling.

Praying mothers, teaching mothers, faithful mothers - the Church needs you.  She needs mothers who will crave children, and love them and bless them and train them to be the warriors of the next generation.

Motherhood!  Blessed motherhood!  The time has come to once again sing the praises of this calling."

Happiest of days to all Mother's. 


  1. "The time has come to once again sing the praises of this calling."

    I love that line.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hope that you had a happy day in the midst of your happy brood, Deanna!


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