Photo Shoot

Several months ago my friend Jen, asked if we could do a photo shoot for the store's website, all she wanted was photo credit.  She is a really wonderful photographer shooting through her business Fly Away Home Photography.   Tim, the girls and I talked it over and decided that it would be a great opportunity and we liked the idea of having product modeled on our store's webpage.  We prayed for a rain free day and we got a great day - cool and overcast.

 Sarah had the best time yesterday!  She was in her element.  This photo of Emily and her walking down the alley near our store is great!

 Lindsay prefers to be behind the camera.  This photo is so lovely of her.

 This is one of my favorites!  If you enlarge it you can see that they are holding fingers!  So cute!

 Lots of great spots for photos near our store....

 Beautiful girl - beautiful scarf!

 Here is their attempt at being urban....

" Look serious Rachel"

"Look like your just talking together"

Can you tell that we were showcasing our handbags, scarves and jewelry?  There is a beautiful one of Emily close up that I have but that isn't watermarked yet.   

Edited - Here it is!  Thanks Jen!


I also want to show you photos that I took behind the scenes yesterday, however Blogger is not allowing me too!  Boo!

Today was a normal day, took the girls to work, did the bank deposits, came home and mowed the I am going to work on some bookwork for the store and make dinner.

What are you up to today?


  1. Finishing up Mother's Day orders.

    Those photos are stunning. As I said on FB, that one of Lindsay is my favorite. The product is perfect on her and she is soooo pretty.

    I also really like the one you pointed out with the girls linking fingers. I can just imagine that Sarah greatly enjoyed this day. She looks joyful.

  2. I'll send you the other photo of Em watermarked--must have missed that one! And do post the behind the scenes too when Blogger lets you

  3. These photos are very sweet and would look nice framed and hanging in the girls' rooms.

  4. Beautiful girls! The photos look great, and it looks like they had a lot of fun. :)

  5. Those photos are great! Lovely all. Looks as if the girls had some fun and what a great way to showcase your merchandise. It's wonderful to have your own model agency! ☺

    I am up to no good.

  6. Great pictures!
    I had my monthly lunch meeting with group of 20 (formerly Red Hats).
    Before that I bought some cards for upcoming graduations and Mother's Day, wrote a few notes on them, checked thrift store for some black and navy shoes (didn't find any), washed a load of sheets, and voted.
    Now sitting with my feet up :)

  7. I'll tell you what I'm up to, I'm still wishing I lived close enough to your adorable store!

  8. What lovely pictures! I have been quietly enjoying reading your blog-I loved your post on the Amish schoolhouse since I am a home school mama too!

    Your girls are beautiful. Do you have a link for your shop?

  9. I'm so glad that you shared them, and I think they came out wonderfully! Obviously they did because my eyes were drawn to the purses and scarves without having to be told that was what you were featuring. I loved the one where they were supposed to be talking the best because of the cute scrinched shoulders.


  10. beautiful girls! Inside & out- Praise the Lord for that!


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