Friday, May 18, 2012

Peonies and Roses

 My peonies are in bloom!  This is my absolute favorite flower.

 These have an old fashioned roses smell - so heavenly.

 The only problem with peonies is that they don't last long.

That's why I have a second favorite flower.  The rose!

 This is my only one in bloom right now, it is Zephirine Drouhin.  The color is a pink deeper than the photos show.

 It is a sweet climber and I am trying to train it on my picket fence.

The beauty of these flowers makes me happy.   Sometimes I sit on the front step of our house, enclosed in my cottage garden, just to savor the beauty.  

My Feverfew is getting out of hand...I am going to have to cut it back.

I am in the store today, so I am taking some of the beauty of my garden in with me.  I am going to clip some of my peonies to bring.  I will be able to enjoy them and it will be a good conversation starter with people who pop into the store.  It's a win-win for me!


  1. Yes, it will be. Anything that gives you another connection is a good conversation starter. I just read this somewhere in Blogdom where a woman took her embroidery on a plane and finished three panels and had the most delightful conversation with another gal also interested in such things. Kindred Spirits are everywhere.

    Oh I'm a little jealous of those peonies. They are a beautiful color and are blooming way ahead of mine. I think I've another week or two to go. The climbing rose is beautiful, too. You really do have such a sweet country garden there, Deanna.

  2. I agree about the beauty of peonies. My only bush had some blooms this year. (It may be a "first"!)

    My grandmother used to cut the flowers and put them in the bottom of the refrigerator to use to decorate graves on Memorial Day. It is a memory that always returns to me about this time of year...

  3. Good morning Deanna,
    Your flowers are lovely. I love both peonies and roses! Your peonies are such a splendid colour. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.


  4. I LOVE peonies too! They are so beautiful!!!! Have a blessed weekend~

  5. I am from PA and my peonies are blooming just like yours, wish they would last all summer!

  6. Your garden is beautiful!
    I love the colour of the peonies.
    We have one that has not flowered in years and I'm unsure whether to move it not as I heard that they are sensitive to being disrupted.
    You are blessed to have such beauty outside your door :-)


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