Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents anniversary!

They have been married for...drumroll....53 years!

This is a miracle of how God can work.  They married young and struggled for years, but they got to a point where they realized that if God could save them from hell, He could save their marriage!

With Dad still recovering from surgery (he is doing well, thank you for praying!) they are just going to go out to dinner.  They usually wait until the weather cools down to go somewhere.

Won't you join me in wishing them a Happy Anniversary?  Just leave a message in the comments section and I'll make sure they read them!  



  1. Thank you for the example of faithfulness to vows and the power of Jesus Christ to see you through the good times AND the bad! Congratulations and keep up the Good Work :)

  2. Oh absolutely! Happy Anniversary to your parents! I think that their realization is so cool. God can do anything— even bring two people, already married, together.

    So glad that your dad is doing much better. Are they steak and potatoes kind of people or Mexican food spicy people or where do they go to eat? ☺

  3. Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite people. You are loved.

  4. Happy 53rd Anniversary!!! I wish you many more blessed years together.....

  5. Happy Anniversary-and Congratulations! to your dear parents. What an accomplishment!

    I know I say this every year but they look way too young to have racked up that many anniversaries. They look about 53, not like they've been *married* for 53 years . Must have been mere babes...

    Give them our family's best wishes on their special day!

  6. Vee we love Mexican food and steak , well to be honest we love ALMOST every kind. We are going to an Italian restaurant because Bob loves seafood. He a clam something or other with linguine. You can tell that is not my kind of food. He he. Well anyway thanks for your best wishes

  7. Happy Anniversary to your dear parents! What a testimony to God's faithfulness! (And I agree with Karen who doesn't think that they look old enough to have been married 53 years.) May God grant them the blessing of more happy years together.

  8. Thank you all for you comments.
    We appreciate all of them.


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