Sneak Peek

and a birthday recap.

Tim and I were given a monetary gift recently and have decided to use part of it to replace some of our worn out furniture.  Here is a sneak peek -

 I think we will have it in time for our dinner guests to try it out tomorrow!

 Tonight the family took me to Loxley's for dinner.  It is Robin of Loxley themed - think Robin Hood.  They donate a percentage of your bill to the charity of your choice (out of three they pre-choose).  It is a cool idea and the food is good.  This is my dessert - chocolate mousse!  Delicious!

It is so much fun to go out with my kids and my parents.  We have a good time together - it is a delight to us to see our kids enjoy one another.

Thanks to these two delightful girls, Tim and I spent the whole day together without having to worry about anyone's schedule.  Thanks girls!  I felt very loved today!  You are both amazing young women.


  1. That's a lovely photo of those lovely young women. Ohhhhh...a new sofa...hope we get to see it in its setting one day. Have a lot of fun this weekend with your visiting friends. ☺

  2. so thankful your birthday was one of pure delight. chocolate mousse would be a fine breakfast..i'm now craving it. beautiful pattern on that piece of furniture!

  3. Sounds like a neat place! Wish there was one around here it looks like a fun place (checked out the website).
    Your mousse looks delicious!

  4. I LOVE your new loveseat, but you already know that would fit in nicely at my house! ;-)

    Your dinner sounds great, and the chocolate mousse looks amazing.


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