Welcome October

I want to start October on my blog with a great list of things I love about Autumn.

1. A chill in the air.

2. The changing colors on the trees.

3. Cozy blankets to snuggle in.

4. Flannel Sheets.

5. Pumpkins

6. The days getting shorter!  Love that!

7. Oil lamps and candles!

9. Soups and stews.

10. Wearing socks.

11. Sweater weather.

12. Pumpkin bread.

13. Bonfires.

14. Fall foliage drives.

15. Pumpkin roll.

16. Hot mulled cider.

17. Hot chocolate.

18. A wonderful fire burning in the wood stove.

19. Knitting and crocheting.

20. Hosting our Fall Fest.

I'll be linking up with Melissa's blog party tomorrow.

The photo is one of my Red Sunset Maples from about three years ago.  Today it is still green, but some of the color is starting to appear on the edges of the leaves.


  1. I welcome fall too, although I will miss the warmth of summer fall is my favorite time of year!!!

  2. Great list. You may, however, be the only person I know who enjoys the shorter days. That's one part about autumn and winter that I do not enjoy.

  3. I am swooning over all the fall goodness on this list! I ♥ autumn!

  4. I love everything on your list too, with the exception of number 6. I do NOT like that the days get shorter.

    Pretty picture! :o)

  5. My favorite stuff and my favorite time of year!

    I'm thinking of starting a list like Ann talks about (that being Voskamp) and the list you made above would be among those on that gratitude list.


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