Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gathering The Moments

I'm joining Cheryl at Thinking About Home and Gathering the Moments.

 It was so hard to decide which photos to share but I wanted it to be favorites rather than the "best" photos.   I love having a new son, and I love the way all my sons like and respect each other!

 Fun times with family, learning, gathering eggs, a wee girlie's haircut

 Joy, Friendships, the Word, Tea - we are blessed beyond measure!

 Joseph's family - Back row - Laura, Verity, Susanna, Katie, Jane, Lindsay, Joseph, Joshua, Tommy, Joe, Daniel, Ben,  front row - Stephen, John Michael, Peter, and James.

This is our extended family - siblings of ours, nieces, nephews, parents, grandparents, in laws, cousins!  This photo makes me so happy!

Lindsay and Joseph's wedding dominated the month, even though it took place one month ago today!  It's been fun to enjoy them as a married couple.  It has really been an easy transition for us all, and I am so thankful.


  1. Oh-so-many beautiful moments this month!! These photos warm my heart...they are filled with warmth and love and joy! This is a month for the record book, isn't it? "Hitherto, the Lord has blessed us."

    Thanks for linking up and letting us all share your moments!

  2. It made March very special for all of you and it even made it better for me! Thank you for sharing such fun photos, some of which I have not seen before. Lindsay's wedding shoes make me grin. They sure do look comfortable!

  3. Busy month but full of good memories!

  4. What a happy occasion when families unite to bless a marriage! Your daughter is a beautiful bride! Many, many best wishes for their lifetime together!
    Such delighted faces all around. And I do love seeing a grouping of farm-fresh eggs :-)

  5. Ahh so wonderful seeing families celebrating such a wonderful event. Love the bow ties! May God bless their marriage with longevity and lots of love!

  6. The wedding did fill your month--what came after, looking through photos, remembering …
    What a nice set of photos from March!

  7. Thanks for sharing these, dear friend. I wish we could have been there! Love you oodles and poodles, Jen and Kev

  8. Love family photos, so rare when we can get everyone together at the same time. You have some great photos that will give you many wonderful memories

  9. Oh yes, a beautiful month to reflect upon. Our eldest daughter married 10 years ago and I still love looking at the photos and remembering small moments of the day.

  10. Your Gathering Moments post is absolutely beautiful and priceless, the family photo is too! the photo of the wedding gown with tennis shoes is a keeper for sure. You have such a beautiful family.Thank you for sharing.

  11. Oh yes March was a most memorable month for you!
    Your darling little girl now a married woman starting her new life - the circle of life begins again.
    Very precious memories of a wonderful family occasion captured forever in these marvellous images.
    God Bless you all.


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