Monday, April 28, 2014

Home Keeping: New Living Room Arrangement

We haven't painted the master bedroom yet, but this weekend I decided to try a new furniture layout.  This was a great opportunity also to vacuum under furniture, since it was all moving around, and mop the wood floors.  I used Murphy's Oil Soap and added some Orange essential oils.  It smelled wonderful!

 I went for a bit of diagonal placement of furniture.  Sometimes it is just what's needed to create enough room to move around the space well.  Also I like to create cozy, conversational spaces.  That was more important to me than whether every seat can see the television.  Know what?  They can't, but this chair and the loveseat move easily and we've already done that to watch a movie. 

Last evening we gathered here with friends and laughed and laughed.  Oh, my goodness.  There IS good medicine in laughter!

 I've been moving books around too.  Some have moved to a bookcase in my room and some I moved downstairs to those bookcases.

I also changed out my tea cups.

 Aren't they pretty?  Old Country Roses variations.  We used to have a Royal Doulton outlet near us and I could get these sets for half price of the outlet price at the right time of the year!  

Sarah made this arrangement the other day.  Pear blossoms and Dandelions.  She has a heart for beauty and I love the way she brings it into our home.

So there you have it.  The latest re-arrangement in my living room.  I'm liking it very much, and it reminds me that I want to look for a rug for this space.  Everything is looking very brown, furniture wise.  I guess I'll just have to make sure that colorful personalities fill this room!


  1. I love it! You have a fresh new look! You make me smile, my furniture-moving friend! :)

  2. Your Royal Dalton is lovely. Did the outlet close?

    I love your yellow walls!

  3. It does look cozy, inviting, and perfect for visiting and conversation. An area rug would be the ribbon that ties it all together. Happy hunting!

    Sarah's bouquet made me smile. So lovely and I like the trailing bit of branch, too.

  4. It looks so nice and with an open plan like you have you really have the flexibility to move things around easily. Maybe I've told you I have that same silver pitcher--I used it the other night. Got it as a wedding present so it's "vintage" for sure! Pretty teacups!

  5. Everything looks so lovely and your flower bouquet is very sweet :) May you have a beautiful Monday! Hugs and blessings!

  6. Trust Steph to see the one white piece of furniture (at least that I can see) in the room! I'm sure when she inherits a few pieces of my MIL's furniture that I have now, she will paint them white. ;)

    I never thought of adding essential oils to Murphy's Wood Soap. Genius! I have lots of Laine's Letters that I printed out over time when she was writing (so glad I did, I don't think they are even archived now). I remember how she would put Rosemary essential oil in her hot sudsy water when she cleaned.

  7. I like your new furniture arrangement. It's nice not to make the tv the center of attention. The teacups look so lovely on your wall and the flowers add just the right touch. ♥

  8. Rearranging furniture is a fun pastime and gives a fresh feel to a room. Your china teacup variations on a theme are so pretty. My daughter collected a couple of the Old Country Rose Chintz teacups and a set of dessert plates.

  9. Well, I happen to think the whole room looks wonderful, but I'm going to shout out and high five my favorite little parts of all. I love the area over the piano. That's just beautiful. First place in the detail category goes to the flowers. I just love a bunch of picked flowers in a room.

    BTW, I love your floors. I don't know if I've ever noticed them before.

    Believe it or not, I spent days on end planning a new furniture arrangement for the living room here, and I have about decided that it will be nearly the same as it was before. It's just the arrangement that works in there. It will be a radical change enough just with the new pieces, right?


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