Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sing With Me Now

A great gift to me in having young kids still at home is that I have been introduced to music that I may not have listened to on my own.

I don't love much of Contemporary Christian Music but there are some songs that I do love.  This is one of them!  Any song that brings the focus of worship on Christ and what He has done for us gets is a very good thing!


  1. Wonderful. It is a very gray, cold, rainy day here and that just dispelled some of the gloom. Must play it again!

  2. Thanks! It was good to listen to!

  3. What a beautiful way to wake up my day today. I didn't know this one.
    Like you, I have been exposed to some beautiful contemporary Christian music through my daughters. It broadens my worship scope, which I love. There are times in my life when, even though I'm one who actually prefers old hymns, it's the new songs of praise that "fit" the situation.


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