Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home Keeping: Master Bedroom Color

I posted here about us moving back into the Master Bedroom after nine years of the girls living in that space.  We are loving this space!  However we aren't loving the color, wanting a warmer color similar to what we had in our old bedroom.

Here are a few photos from several different room arrangements in the old bedroom.  Note the paint color.

I still have the same bedding, which is amazing to me the one who loves to change things around and repurpose spaces.  But we still love it so there you have it.

This color was called Glazed Tile, and was my husbands suggestion.  We had painted a green that we didn't really like but kept for a year (pre bedding).  I was folding kitchen towels one day while we were talking about paint colors and he picked up one that was similar to this yellowy gold color and said "I'd like something like this."  Done.  We loved it, and still do.

I love the Williamsburg paint colors and having used their Palace Chambers Yellow for my living room/kitchen space, I had seen a few colors that I thought would work, I decided to go with one that I already had a sample card for.


Here is my color choice

I believe it is an older color and I couldn't find an online source for this specific color so I took a photo of my color card.  It's called "Brush Damask Wallpaper Yellow."

Happily, a local hardware store had a buy one, get one free sale on paint last weekend!  I know have everything I need for painting my room.  I just have to figure out when I am going to do it.  But Oh, I can't wait to do it!

So what do you think?  


  1. Funny a paint color has wallpaper in it's name! It's a nice color but hard to tell on a computer, as it looks like the first picture a bit. I'm sure it will be nice and fresh. Yellows like grays are hard to determine--well all colors are really. I'm in process of choosing a neutral bathroom color and had choices out and showed my DIL who immediately chose one out of them all. She has a good eye so I just may go with it! Have fun painting! Look forward to seeing the new color!

  2. Paint colours can be so hard to choose. The warmer colour will go well with your bedding. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result.

  3. I like it! Yellow is such a happy color and that is a nice shade.
    I'm sure your room will look beautiful! You have a wonderful talent for decorating. Can you come here and help me with mine? :)

    1. Oh, you are tempting me! I'd love it. I'll have to tell Uncle Tim that I am 'needed' in Anchorage for a project!

      Love you!

  4. We've lived in our house 8 1/2 years and my bedroom is still a lemon lime color. Someday it will get moved up the priority list! I will have to check the Williamsburg colors. I love just about everything Williamsburg. Thinking of a grey-green.

    We gave Christopher the Master Bedroom when we moved in because he had computer equipment, a desk, a huge bookshelf (which he is going to take when they move into a house), etc. Once he left, we decided our bedroom was just fine and as you know, I turned the "Master" into my "Study".

    The only person I share it with is Miss Victoria, who loves to sit in that window and feel the wind blowing her fur. :)

  5. I think it will be lovely! Very soothing and relaxing and warm and inviting. <3

  6. That Williamsburg color wheel makes me smile. Actually, almost anything Williamsburg makes me smile! :D

    Your bedroom is going to look beautiful!!

  7. Love the color choice:) I am ready for a change in my bedroom:) I tend to keep my bedding a LONG time and it is time for something different! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

  8. Nice to see what you're up to. Beautiful colors!

  9. Just beautiful and so cozy. Enjoy. Clarice

  10. It's a lovely color - Don't you wish you could just snap your fingers and have it done?!?


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