A Few Quick Painting Projects

This last week, when I worked on my storage space in the basement, I came across a few items that would work very nicely on my deck, but were in need of a bit of 'refreshing.'

The first was this wooden bird house.  It needed a bit of gluing and then some paint.

 I got out my chalk paint and put some fresh paint on the bird house in Old White.  I wanted it to still look a bit shabby chic style and I think it does, but it also looks a lot better than it did!

Next up was this cute garden fairy that my sweet friend Pauleen gave me years ago (like 23) when we were still in Florida.  It was very dark grey and I decided to lighten it up with Old White and French Linen chalk paint.

 I like that it looks aged and I think you can see more of the details of the statue.

Its looking cute tucked into this space with the potted plants.

 Now to find just the right spot for the birdhouse....

Did you have a good weekend?

We did.  I had regular projects around the house, and Tim and the kids did some tree removal at a friends house and they brought home some wood.  After that hot work, they went to swim at my mom and dad's house and Rachel joined them after work.

Sunday we went to our pastors' home which backs up to a really nice park.  We spent the whole afternoon there, and afterwards we had a surprise visit with some dear friends who stopped by!

Remember that I am commenting in the comments section so we can have conversation!  I'm having a lot of fun with it!  So don't forget to comment and check back on the conversations!


  1. Chalk paint is so versatile, isn't it. Your little statue looks very happy in amongst the flowers.

    1. I really like chalk paint, because its so easy to use! Now I have to find a good spot for my birdhouse!

  2. Good projects with good results. I never thought of painting a statue. One of ours has gotten so black but I had the grands scrub it one day and it was amazing how much better it looked.

  3. You are on a roll, girl! Although I remember that during last year's summer break you were painting kitchen cabinets!! I guess these projects are small potatoes compared to that.

    It is amazing how much a fresh coat of paint can bring new life to things, isn't it? It is such fun to freshen things up and move things around.

  4. I almost bought a small jar of chalk paint this morning. I should have done as my birdhouse could use a makeover.


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