Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Sarah has what the French say "Joie de Vivre" or Joy of Living!  She is a gift to our family!

Today she is 15 years old.  She has a heart for Jesus, she loves to read, she is creative and has a wonderful imagination.  She has high ideals.  She is a good friend.  I'm thankful for this darling, wonderful young woman!  Glad that I'm her Mama!


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    1. Thanks Lorrie, I'll pass on your greeting!

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth! She's delightful!

  3. Now if you and shown the second, third, and fourth photos only, I might have no clue that they were of Sarah, but that baby photo I definitely see as Sarah! Isn't that fun?! She's adorable and I hope that her day is fabulous. 💐


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