Happy Weekend

The heat and humidity are still with us.  We went out to my parents house again, in the late afternoon, for swimming and games.  

The larkspur is going to seed in the cottage garden but the Black Eyed Susan is in bloom!  Such a cheery flower and makes me realize that summer is half over.

My Limelight Hydrangea is blooming, too!  So beautiful!

I'll try to get some better photos of it as it is amazing this year!  Its been a wonderful year for hydrangea!

I have home stuff to do today, and a small sewing task.  Tomorrow we have church and a birthday party to attend, for a new teenage friend!  Monday is a packing day, and then Tuesday we are off to California!

What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I thought the same thing about my own Black Eyed Susans recently. I love to watch them bloom, but know what that means...and I'm not ready for fall.

  2. hmm.. let's see. a *secret* project today, dinner with friends tonight (steaks on the grill!), visiting dear ole dad, readying for some rather special visitors. ♥

  3. Moving, moving, moving, keep those doggies moving...heading over at 11 to do some unpacking. You must be getting so excited about your California trip!

  4. Love those black eyed Susans that just show up! The countdown is on for your trip--I hope it's wonderful!


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