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We've been having some computer issues, with Tim's work computer the only reliable one. He sometimes takes it with him for the day, so that has left us computer-less at home.  I think we've got it figured out, so I hope to be posted better this week.

We had a lovely weekend - I got some work done around here, including mowing, and I had sometime on Saturday to sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful weather.

I've been enjoying my new to me herb book from the library bookstore, "The Herb Garden Book" by Malcolm Hillier.

This book is interesting and the author shares ways to use the herbs as well as how to plant them decoratively as well.  I'm finding lots of inspiration.  I love how beautiful this arrangement is!

Today, we went fellowshipped after church at a family from our church's home.  As evening came a fire was lit, one of the young men was playing guitar, and kids were playing.  It was really very nice.

We have a birthday in the family on Tuesday.  Sarah will be 15!  Amazing!  She's such a wonderful young woman.  Bright, literary, full of life.  We'll do some family things this week, and she has a friends gathering planned.  We like to spread out the celebration to more than just a day.

We are still looking for a truck for the business.  It can be frustrating but its been good too, because its helped to figure out what's really needed.  Trusting that we'll find one this week!

Happy Monday everyone!  What are you up to this week?

ps- I wanted to remind you that I am trying to answer your comments in the comments section!  Some of you are no-reply commenters so I can't email you back!  Let's keep the conversation going in the comments, shall we?


  1. It will take me a while to remember to check back...I usually don't circle back around. The weather here was just gorgeous, too. A blessing!

    Prayers for a new vehicle...I'm already praying for that in my family so will add your need for the new truck right in. Easy to remember that way!

    Happy Birthday to beautiful Sarah! May it be a sweet week of celebration for her🎈

  2. Happy Birthday to Sarah and wow, that sky is amazing!!


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