Isla Is One!

This year has flown by!

She's gone from newborn to two wee ponytails!

She walks, chatters, likes animals, loves mama and daddy.  They've never done baby food, just always gave her table food and she now eats anything and everything!  She is a happy girl.

I love you, sweet Isla!  Happy, Happy Birthday!


  1. She looks so cute. Wishing here a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy 1st birthday sweet Isla! She is so cute!

  3. So sweet, and I love that wee pony! Adorable!

  4. What an absolutely adorable baby!

  5. Awww . . . such darling pictures taking us through Isla's first year!! I love your selfie with her!!

    Happy birthday to sweet Isla!! (So glad I was able to see her in person!)


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