Pumpkin Teapot

I received this darling pumpkin teapot for my birthday.  It is such a sweet addition to my teapot collection and just perfect for me, since I love the Fall!

Its so cute!

I can't wait to have tea with a friend or two and use this sweet little pot!

Joining Bernideen!


  1. It has your name written all over it!! ♥

  2. It sure is pretty, and will go with any dishes since it's white.

  3. It is cute and unique! Have never seen one like it. Enjoy your tea...

  4. Cute! I'm getting the Mrs. Beaver tea cozy Heather made me out soon. I love it in Fall and Winter.

  5. Deana: I am so glad to have you participate in the blog party. I recognize the teapot and wanted to share this site: http://www.marylandchina.com/24-oz-pumpkin-teapot.html


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