Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Home Keeping: Preparing To Paint The Living Room, Kitchen, and Hallway

                    Lindsay gifted this pathos to me.   It's called Pearls and Jade.  Its really pretty.

This week I'm tidying and preparing to be away for Rachel's graduation this weekend, and a potential visit by our bffs Rick and Jane next week.  So I'm doing things like dusting, sweeping stairs, cleaning off counters.

Thinking through what I want to get done before Saturday has me thinking about the Autumn season, and I thought I'd write some of it down here.

One of my main projects for this autumn is to get the living room, kitchen, and hallway painted.  I am thankful that I have such a willing crew of friends to help me get this done.  I used to do all the painting in the house by myself, but its harder for me to go up and down ladders etc, with my back.

I think I'd like this to be a September project so that it's all finished before the holidays.  The first weekend in Saturday is already busy,  but I think the rest of the month is pretty open, so I need to think about everything that needs to be done before we paint. 

The biggest task is to clean the walls, trim and ceiling.  This is especially important in the kitchen.  I'll wait to take curtains down to wash, until we are ready to paint.

I need to prepare a place for the furniture to go while we're painting, though some can just move to the middle of the room.  If the weather is going to be fine, much of it can just move to the driveway.

There is a bit of drywall work to be done before we paint too, some repair work, but my son does that as part of his work skill set so he says he'll do that a week or so before we paint, so we are looking at that around the end of this month.

I need to decide on a paint color, too.  I had been thinking of white, because I'd dearly like to lighten the hallway and I want the color to all be the same in these open spaces.  But, I have white trim and white kitchen cabinets, so I think I'm going to go with an aged gold color and have it mixed at  70% pigmentation.  That way I'll still have warmth of the color, but it will be lighter, but not be lemony or baby yellow.

Any thoughts about this?

Once we are done painting, I need to decide where all the things on the walls are going to go.  Will I put them all back where they are currently?  Switch it all around?  Do something completely different? 

That remains to be seen.  I don't even know yet, but it sure is exciting, don't you think?


  1. i like your paint color change idea .. looking forward to seeing the result. ♥
    pearls and jade hm? i wonder if this plant comes in silk whereby i wouldn't
    become its hospice and help it on its way to glory. me and my black thumb.

  2. Yes, it does sound exciting. Glad that you will have a crew. Your plan for paint color sounds good and as if a bit of experimenting is in order.

  3. It IS exciting!! You know I love house projects . . . my own or anyone else's!! It will be fun to see how your space turns out. Thoughts about your color choice . . . I think I crave lighter and brighter the older I get, so the idea of painting your space white appeals to me too. Even though your trim and cabinets are white, you could always go just a shade lighter or darker; there are SO many shades of white. (I am thinking of Nora Murphy's house after she did her "Project Refresh" several years ago. All the walls and all the trim are white and it makes a nice bright palette for her antiques and pops of color during the changes of season.) I am actually thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets/trim white the next time we paint. That will be a while, because we are already on our third color in the kitchen and I promised Ron I would stop. Poor guy! But the next time . . .

    All that said, I am sure that whatever you choose, it will be lovely! You have an eye for color and you might not be happy with all white. Plus, you have that fabulous new door that lets in all that wonderful light!

    See what happens when I start talking about house-y things!!

  4. Graduation fun ahead! Oh and a paint job sounds refreshing! Can't wait to see it all gussied up:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Great minds must think alike! I'm preparing my living/dining room for painting this week. I also decided on white and chose Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace. When I painted a sample spot next to the white trim, I could see the difference. I'm staying with the white trim. My goal is to get it done this week, with the help of my eldest daughter, and my husband for moving the furniture.


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