Saturday, August 18, 2007

My First Blog Award!

My sweet sister in law, at Gathering of Friends, has nominated me for this award. I am so pleased. I, by temperment and personality, tend to be strong minded, opinionated, etc. I like people alot, I enjoy being with them, but niceness didn't necessarily come naturally to me. God's grace has tempered me, causing me to grow more thoughtful, kind and caring. I want to be an encourager of others. So, Thank You, Miss Paula!
Now I need to nominate 7 others:
First, Mrs. Wilt of The Sparrow's Nest. Her blog was the first to really inspire me to join the blogospere. Her blog is full of fun, encouragement, helpful hints and cute little boys!
Second, Jewels at Eyes of Wonder. She has inspired me to enjoy the day to day activities of my family, and to see the beauty of the ordinary. Thanks Jewels.
Third, Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse. She shares her daily life in beautiful pictures taken by her talented son. This is a creative lady and I love checking in daily to see what she has shared.
Fourth, Manuela of The Feathered Nest. I love looking at blog and seeing what she is doing to "feather her nest". Whether it is picking out paint for her living room, or showing her veggie garden, she makes you feel like you are a neighbor and chatting daily.
Fifth, my friend Pauleen at White Picket Fence. I have known Pauleen for AGES and I have never seen her be anything but nice.
Sixth, Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage. Oh, I could just move right into Tina's house! It is so warm and inviting. Beautifully decorated, and yet you feel like "real" people live there! Her daughter makes such creative banners and wooden letters. If you have never been to Cherry Hill Cottage, run, don't walk to check it out.
Seventh, Haus Frau, of lula's hardt. Sherry always shares lovely bits of inspiration. Wonderful quotes, daily life, stories of her princess and Mr.Darcy. She also likes to plan weddings, though she claims she is done with that, and she coordinates a homeschool group. I love doing those things as well, and so I feel a kinship with her.
There are many more ladies that I could nominate, but these ladies make my day, everyday. As does Miss Paula. I truly am thankful for your friendship, your love for my family and for your love and devotion to my brother!
Have a Nice day!


  1. I'm honored & humbled to be in the company of such fine ladies as you've mentioned for your continued award. Thank you sweetly.

    May you be blessed this day.

  2. Don't forget to put the award in your sidebar! Your picks are very nice too!!

  3. What a nice surprise to come for a visit and see that you tagged me for the Nice Matters award! Thank you so much! I'm truly honored.

    Congratulations on receiving the award. You are truly deserving!


  4. My Dear Friend, you don't see yourself as others see you. You have a soft kindness about you that makes you special to all that have the pleasure of coming to know you. Thank you my special friend - of soooooo many years.


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