Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why I like Jane

Ok, I hope you are not all saying to yourselves, "enough with Jane Austen already!" It is just that everyday I read Mrs. Wilt's Fortnight of Jane Austen and it stirs up feelings about Jane's books. I just have to comment!
What I thought today in reading her post about Sense and Sensibility is that the reason I like Jane's books is that her characters are so interesting. The family relationships, their social interactions are fun to read.
I find that my girls and I speak about these people like they are real, speaking about their lives as if they are people we know! :) We quote them sometimes too. We laugh over the hypochondriac Mr. Woodhouse and his thinking about health.
We have a lot we can learn from these characters, thus from Jane; such as making to quick a judgement of people, listening to talebearers, letting daughters run wild, and much more.
A dear friend of mine stated last night that she thought I was like a "Trekkie" when it came to Jane Austen. I think that I will take it as a complement.
"Live long and prosper" :)


  1. That's funny!! A trekkie, What would a Jane Austen fan be?? I wonder! LOL

  2. Jane Austen fans are "Janeites".

    My friend is hilarious and she did not mean it as a criticism or as if she thought I was weird!

    Ok, maybe she thinks I'm a little bit weird! hee hee

  3. Mrs. Rabe,

    I love your comparison to Trekkies, LOL! (And your's my first visit!) If only someone could "beam us up" into one of Jane's novels! How fun that would be!!

    God bless you and yours this weekend!

  4. Hi Kelly

    Welcome to my blog! Your little one is so cute.

    I briefly looked at your blog, and I like it. I bookmarked it so I can go back when I have more time ;) and read.


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