I Love My New Shoes!

Aren't they cute? They are Sketchers, and they are soooo comfortable! I like them because they look great with skirts or capris and yet have the support of a sports shoe. I bought mine at Fashion Bug - they are having a great sale right now.


  1. those are CUTE! wonder if they'd fit my orthodics. ;o)

  2. So those were YOUR shoes, at bowling when I saw them I thought they were adorable. And isn't it great that they go with almost everything!?


  3. I think that orthodics will because I have them and I think they would fit!! I have the Payless version and I like them.

  4. Oh those are so cute!
    I loved the quote you put up in your last post.

  5. I have these exact same ones!!!! I LOVE them!! And they really do great with anything like skirts!


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