Monday, April 14, 2008

"The Knack"

Stacy McDonald has an excellent post on labeling children as "learning disabled", etc, when it really is just how God made them. They all have their own intellegences. She also posted this funny cartoon, and I decided to post it for all of us who have children with "The
Knack." Stacy's blog can be found at


  1. Oh, I have to send this cartoon to Miss Ginnie's husband, Paul!!!! The knack!!! Now I know the correct name!!! hee hee

  2. That is too funny. I married the man with the knack and gave birth to 2 of them :) too funny!

  3. hehehe snort wheeze

    The Knack

    I'm married to one of those. He can figure out anything. And here I thought he was Mr. Steady. hehe

  4. Lady Jane,

    My husband has "the Knack". And he is a Mr. Steady as well!

    We definately would all need to dinner together, as I think Becky's husband is in this category also!


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