Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Voddie Baucham

This gentleman is Voddie Baucham. He is the keynote speaker at our statewide homeschool convention, Mother's Day weekend. I look forward to hearing him speak and I have a feeling we will be bringing home some of his books!


  1. Wow! I really liked what I heard here!

    Speaking of kind of non-feminism....there were men at the conference last weekend. The first thing Beth said to the women was, I come to serve you...to the men she said she came as a servant and not an authority over them. I thought that was an awesome way to begin. There was no feminism there. Just a humbling of herself.

    I really think the feminism movement when we were little ruined it for us women now. I totally agree with your un-coming speaker. Should be great!

    PS On August 1-2 there is a simulcast of Living Proof Live in York. All the conferences are different. It's what the Lord gives Beth to speak. Would you be interested in going? Just Fri eve and Sat till 1PM.

  2. I think that would be great! There may be a group of ladies from church going, they often do. Would you want to go with them or on our own?

  3. Either way....I think this is a special one she is doing for her 10 years in ministry. I did e-mail the church for ticket $$. This would be great for our older daughter's also. I wish I had taken mine to San Diego!!

    One thing that stuck in my mind when she spoke to some young women , "Don't wait until you are old to hear the call from God!"

  4. I liked what he had to say! I've never heard of him before - I'll have to look into his books.


  5. Check your e-mail!

  6. What a great speaker. Wow I would love to hear him speak. What he said is Sooo true. We need our mem to be men to God.


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