Autumn At The Cottage

Today, Kyle and I bought pumpkins and some mums for our garden. We are experiencing gorgeous Autumn weather, cool nights and warm days. The trees that have already turned color are gorgeous!

These are by the back step that goes into our kitchen.

These are some almost open mums that are daisy like. My very good friend and wonderful gardener, Susan, gave these to me about 6 years ago!
These are my purple asters. The Amish plant these in their gardens and they look gorgeous. Mine are always kind of leggy but I like them!
This is in the corner of my front garden. Off to the right are many strawberry plants. I planted just a few last year, knowing they would multiply and they did. I was hopeful of transplanting them this fall - it might happen.
This is in the front by my lamppost.

This is also by my lamppost. The salvia and the feverfew is still thriving.

My "Red Sunset Maples", in the front yard, are just beginning to turn.

Have I ever mentioned I love the Autumn?


  1. Autumn is my favorite time of year too!

  2. Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I enjoyed your pictures. I was wondering what my feverfew would look like. It just got a blossom the other day. All summer it's just been a green lump!


  3. I love the touch of the pumpkins!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love fall too! I earned a new blogging friend who found me via your blog. Thanks, Deanna.

  5. Your welcome Kelly!

    I just love making new friends through blogging!


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