I have been tagged by a new blogging friend Cheryl, to post 6 random things about myself. hmmmm......

Well here goes:

1. I am the middle child, and only girl in my family, and the shortest!

2. I was total British Royal Family fanatic and could tell you many random facts about them. I don't really follow them anymore, but do still have an interest, not just the obsession I used to have.

3. I am a third generation Californian, which is rare! Although I now live in Pennsylvania.

4. I grew up with another girl named Deanna and she married a Tim also.

5. My husband married me for my car! hee hee I used to drive a early '70s Camaro, which we sold when our second child was on the way! We bought this used Buick that was enormous and people nicknamed "the tuna barge." It had a trunk the size of my sons' bedroom. I still miss that car... THE CAMARO - NOT THE TUNA BARGE!

6. My dear friend Jane says that I have a "trivial mind." I can remember things about people and events and movies and t.v. shows etc...that others don't care to remember.

Well, I hope those are random enough.

I tag:







Have fun girls!


  1. It's fun to get to know more about you. That is so funny that you had a friend named Deanna who also married a Tim! The odds of that. I also drove a big boat, but I was very glad to get rid of it when that day came!Thanks for tagging me Deanna, if I have time I'll play, but I have a lot going on right now!

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. This was neat getting to know more about you....
    love these kind of things...

  3. Fun facts:>)I have a trivial mind too, problem is, I have a hard time remembering the important stuff! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I just reread what I wrote and realized that is sounds like I miss the tuna barge rather than my Camaro!!!

    I must edit that!

  5. Well Auntie Dee, I am also the shortest of my parents two kids! Thanks for tagging me...I will do it once I get a chance!!

  6. The banner on your blog is so beautiful. I don't think I am not even going to attempt "fall photos." The Missouri Ozarks has some pretty colors but nothing like this....

  7. Thanks for playing the game! I had fun reading the "fun" things that you thought of...isn't it funny what we come up with about ourselves that isn't always what others would think of us?


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