Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Gift Ideas....

Dear Family,

I thought that I would give you some ideas for gifts for my birthday. Some are mere items of whimsy - not really practical. Like the romantic white hammock. That would be white for like 10 seconds around here....and many are way too expensive.

These are all ideas from Victorian Trading Company. I get all their catalogues but I don't know as I have ever purchased anything from them.

But I LOVE this shawl....perfect for fall and winter. Sigh. It's lovely.

Then there are the cute Jane Eyre and Jane Austen Hats. Love them.

I could totally see myself bringing all my many things to co-op in this beauty. But then it would need to be carried down the stairs...hmmm.

Here is the gorgeous white hammock!

Another great idea I am sharing is an iPod, of some sort. I have never really felt the need for one, but I get frustrated with the radio - there is so little I would like to listen to, and end up listening to talk radio, which is fine but sometimes I want a break from all that if you know what I mean....our van has a dvd player and you can plug in game systems too. The girls discovered that we have the cords that allow them to plug their ipods right into the sound system! So now I think it would be awesome to have one so that when I want to listen to music of my choice, or even a sermon I could just plug my ol' ipod in and enjoy!
Hope this is helpful girls, and Kyle and Tim. Oh, and Mom and Dad! But really anything you get me is fine...really. Seriously. Love you.


  1. Chelsea and I enjoyed this post!
    See you tomorrow!

    Becky K.

  2. Fun stuff!
    I never thought i needed an ipod/music player either but then Geoff got me one last year and I LOVE it! You can find so many sermons for free online to download and then you can listen to them anywhere and everywhere!

  3. I love this post...I am laughing..GREAT...ahemmm..hints!!!
    I jut got my catalog...and I am with you on that birthday is next Maybe I should do the same thing...hehehe!!

  4. Hey mom, how about shall we say...less costly items? ;)

    What do you REALLY want?? like something i can find that you would LOVE??

    Love you!

  5. Ooo! The shawl is wonderful! Perfect for this cold, grey Colorado day.


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