Fair Time Again! UPDATE!

Lindsay, Sarah, Rachel and one of Lindsay's riding students all won ribbons at the fair!

Bethany, Lindsay's student, did the grooming and showmanship. She has just started lessons and wanted to participate in the fair in some way. She was one of 8 participants in this category. She got 6th and earned a ribbon.

Sarah did the Open Lead Line with Grandpa and won a 5th place ribbon out of 9 participants!

Lindsay had fun this year with the games like musical chairs, dollar bareback, and the boot race. She won a 5th place ribbon in the boot race and had such a fun time!

Rachel participated in the 10 and under Walk, Trot, Jog Equitation. She placed 2nd out of 6 participants!

We also need to mention that they did all this with the same horse. Sandy is the hero of the day! She gets extra Rounders tonight!

Unbelievably it is time for the fair again!

It seems like just last year we were there and the girls where doing fun events with Sandy, Lindsay's horse.

Yesterday we went by the expo booths and found that Lindsay won a blue ribbon for one of her photos and Emily got a 4th place ribbon for one of hers! Fun stuff!

I will use Lindsay's camera today and try to get some good shots. My camera is in need of repair. It will go to the shop soon.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Uggghhh...look at those crowds. It is just more than I can bring myself to do right now.

    Congratulations to the girls on their ribbons!

    Becky K.

  2. Good job, friends!
    Sandy must be REALLY tired.



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