Stay, Stay At Home

"Stay, stay at home, my heart, and rest;

Home-keeping hearts are happiest,

For those that wander they know not where

are full of trouble and full of care;

To stay at home is best."



  1. Happiness is a feeling it comes and goes. Joy is what comes from the Lord!! I believe that a person unable to stay at home can have JOY in her household. The Lord can fill her with such Joy for her family that her household is just as blessed.

  2. It is so good to comfortably and happily puttering in our own homes.
    Today, while I had to run a couple of quick errands I have also had opportunity to putter around the yard and work with music for the 7-up ensemble. Such a lovely and happy day. I look forward to seeing your girls before too long.


  3. Hey Miss Paula!

    I didn't take this poem as a comment about SAHMs. It spoke to my heart in the sense of having a heart for the home.

    When I was younger I always wanted to be going "somewhere." God turned my heart to my home.

    That is why this poem spoke to me.

  4. Nice. Love the purple house! :O)


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