In Memorium

Those of us who lived through that day will never forget...we must not forget.

The fear of 20,000 people or more would be lost at the World Trade Center - the attack on the Pentagon, the flight crashing into the the farm field in Pennsylvania....

An ideology, a religion that believes that all "infidels" must be killed was behind the attack. We have been fighting ever since.

The weather today couldn't be more different than it was that beautiful early September day...we feared our lives as we knew them would never be the same. Now today we are again at risk from an ideology that would fundamentally change our nation.

We must remember and fight to keep our nation free.

As President Bush said....

We will never tire

We will never falter

We will never fail

May it be so......


  1. Excellent!

    As I watched the clip of President Bush as he received the news that day replayed this morning my heart was broken again...that we could be hated so much.

    How I miss President Bush. He led well during that time.

    Becky K.

  2. God bless America. The fight continues to keep our freedoms, our sweet land of liberty.


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