Blog Hopping

Do you ever do this?

Usually I am reading a favorite blog, minding my own business, and I happen to take a look at the blog list on their blog. Something will catch my eye and before you know it I have spent a year - well, not that long really - reading the new blog and looking at photos.

I have found some of the most encouraging blogs that way. Regular people who don't have 100's of comments everyday, sharing their hearts and lives.

Today while checking out The Inspired Room I found a new to me blogger Teresa from "whatever." She has a warm and welcoming home, and even though our homes are quite different from each other there are great ideas to be had.

I must show you a photo of her kitchen. I love this kitchen. Love it. Even though I believe I would need to stand on a stool to get plates off the plate rack. I would totally do it!

Are you ready?

Here it is!

You may not love it but I do...the color is very similar to mine and I love the white cabinets, especially the one that looks like a hutch. Just lovely.

So tell me - what blog friends have you found because you were blog hopping?


  1. What a perfectly comfy and classy kitchen. I love it too.


  2. Well, actually, you, but I don't know from where...ha-ha.
    BTW, I love that restful, light and inviting!!!

  3. Oooooh I love it...very much my style...I love primitive/rustic decorating...but I like it simple. Beautiful cupboards! I've found a lot of my favorite blogs by bloghopping. Like this one. :D

  4. I do blog hoppping too. I've found great blogs that way too. I love the kitchen ang I'm a jealous. lol!

  5. I have done little blog hopping..but I do love it when I find a a jewel out there...I know I can spend hours on a blog..even old ones..just getting to kow the person better...
    The kitchen is beautiful...

  6. I would love to have more time so that I could blog hop, but unfortunately, I rarely get time to visit all of the blogs on my own blog list.

    The photo of the kitchen is fabulous. I, too, would love this kitchen. I totally love how the sink and window are on the curve, and I love an island in a kitchen! Oh, to dream (sigh).

  7. Bunny Trails. I call them Bunny Trails and find myself going deeper and deeper on faraway paths from whence I first begun, if I'm not careful. So fun though!

    *l*o*v*e* the kitchen. Really.

    tickleberry farm

  8. I know I found you through blog hopping. You'd commented on something else and I thought ... surely that isn't my neighbor! Hey, for old times sake, would you like to buy popcorn to help support the scouts? LOL

    Kat, now in VA

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  10. Hi Kat!

    I trust you are all well and settled! Are the boys adjusting?

    Keep in touch please!


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