Missing Someone?

The meme I just posted had the question "missing someone?" to which I answered my son as he doesn't live with us anymore and we don't see him daily.

But I also miss my girls. Lindsay and Emily spend the majority of their summer and into the fall working at a local corn maze. They are great employees - hardworking, cheerful, helpful, they do what they are asked to do. We are proud of them.

Those traits, that we have helped to develop, are needed around here. I need their cheerfulness here! The choices that we have made for ministry to be involved in - homeschooling, our co-op leadership, hospitality, care of friends and neighbors require time and energy on top of daily work around the house. I could really use them!

I miss their helpfulness here. I miss working alongside of them. They are my dear friends.

They like to have some income, both have savings accounts. We are trying to find ways for them to be self employed working from home. They would really like that too. Lindsay does give riding lessons, and Emily makes cards and frakturs. So if you know of anyone who wants to begin riding lessons, or is in need of a special fraktur to commemorate a birth or wedding or just to have a beautiful scripture framed in your home, let us know.

I miss them!


  1. WOW! Did it really have to be that picture;) ha ha!

  2. I thought of you today Mrs. Rabe!

    The reason I thought of you was because I helped a friend take a tea party to some lovely elderly people at an independent living residence. We set lovely tables with beautiful china tea cups & tea pots. We had old fashioned hats and boa's for them to wear, and yummy desserts to eat with their cranberry orange tea. It was so much fun! My friend wrote a story and read it to them about their worth and value to God. It was a precious time! When I think of you, I think you're probably a lot like the friend I was with today!

  3. Cheri'

    How special! That sounds like an awesome time. You made their day!

    Thanks for thinking of me! You are very sweet!

  4. Good Morning sweetie,

    Oh how I understand what you mean about missing your children.

    I miss my little redneck (Bobby) so very much, and it makes it worse because he is stationed in California right now. Soon to be coming home we pray.

    I also miss my possum (Christina). she does live here in town....actually her home is only two miles away, yet we do not see her everyday as we would like. She works about 50 hours a week or more.

    I miss my brother Jerry. He was my best friend as we grew up. He went home to be with the Lord when my Bobby was 1 year old. I miss him so much.

    Please know I will be praying for you. I understand your mother's heart, and the missing your children thing you are going through.

    Love & Prayers,


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