We are in the early planning stages of adding an in-law quarters for my parents on to our house, which basically mean we have been talking about what we could do, how it could look etc. We have looked at houses on line, have gone to look at one in person, and at this point see that our best shot at getting my parents the set up that they would like is to do an addition. Since our property is zoned R1 we are unable to have a separate kitchen for the addition, so we will need to enlarge the kitchen.

We realize that especially for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas where there might be 4-5 of us in the kitchen cooking or working on different food prep, the kitchen being expanded is a must. My girls and I spent an hour or so the other day talking about how it could look! We also practice hospitality at our home, in a big way, so it will be a blessing to have a separate dining area from the kitchen and to have a pantry for storage.

Today, I went to The Inspired Room and saw that she had a whole post about pantries! She has great photos and ideas for storage.

This lead me to look online for photos for inspiration.

There is a lot I like about this kitchen - the cabinets, the high table and chairs the beadboard, the plate rack, the ceiling - but I don't like the blue and white tiles or the floor. I like a warmer look.

I really like the colors of this kitchen and the farmhouse sink! Isn't that wooden countertop and backsplash neat?

I like this pantry. It looks like an old country store! I doubt our ability to keep it looking this way!

I also saw a photo of a closet style pantry that had a red country style screen door on it instead of a solid door! I even had a photo of that but it got deleted. I knew I should have tried out Live Writer today! Well, you will just have to trust me. It was cute!

What kind of kitchen do you have and what things do you like about it? Anything you would change?


  1. Still not settled in our new to us home...because of health junk..I will say...someday..I would like a stove with a double oven....
    I have a huge pantry, needs painting..but I like practical things..I like easy to get at things.....I think this is going to be a fun, yes...but fun...

  2. Too bad you are so good at this already. It would be fun to plan and play at this project with someone else's money.

    I have gobs of ideas for my own kitchen but somehow it has not risen to enough of a priority to spend money on it. Me thinks it would take too much!

  3. Those kitchens are SO pretty! And that pantry looks so neat and organized. Really nice!

  4. A cook is what I would add!!

  5. I do love that country farm style sink and that pantry as well.

    My kitchen is too small. The only thing that I like about my kitchen was actually added by the people who owned the house before us, and that is an additional countertop that is panel on three sides underneath and on wheels because it sits in front of the dishwasher. There is no other space for it. It gives much needed additional counter space. I would love for my hubby to add a couple of shelves and doors to the kitchen-facing side of it to provide a little more cupboard space.

  6. Are you totally gutting your kitchen? What a BIG project this is going to be. I have PLANTY of cabinet space, but still yearn for a pantry. Have you seen the one at Sugar Pie Farmhouse?

    Scroll through her blog, and you'll see a white hutch. You can see through the hutch, and into the pantry. You enter the pantry from the right of the hutch, in what looks to be a hall. It's so clever! The door of the pantry is actually a screen door.

  7. Love it all!!

    Happy planning!! When my papa moved in with us, when I was in high school and early college, my parents added on and it was such a blessing to have him in our home!! I miss him.

  8. This next house that we are going to build will have a farmhouse sink! And I love the pic of that swirly speckled one! Wish I knew what brand that is.

  9. we redid our kitchen this summer--i love my bigger island with electricity! i finally have enough room for food prep. also the sliding drawers for storage. have fun planning! take a look at our blog for the photos



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