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www.allposters.com - Quechee Gorge, Vermont - Fraser Hall

This photo is from Quechee Gorge in Vermont!

We have tons of photos, well at least the girls do, but we got back late last night and they had to go to work this morning, so their photos will have to wait.

Vermont was stunning! I could live there! We really did hit peak week there! We never even went to New Hampshire this trip. A desire to make sure we didn't spend our whole time in the car driving was a huge factor in this.

Wednesday we went to Quechee Gorge. It was more beautiful than this photo from allposters shows. We had more color! Thursday we spent time in the morning along Lake Champlain, which was beautiful and windy! We poked into shops and the kids and Tim took a hike in the woods. It was lovely.

Today, I have spent quietly; reading, putting things away from our trip, laundry....

I am so thankful for the time that we had together as a family! My parents had an awesome time too. So thankful - evenings in the hotels were spent playing spoons and rummy and one night have a war with foam darts and shooters! This was the night we spent in a Quality Inn in Burlington, Vermont. It was a two floor suite with a queen sized bed and full bath in the loft and a king sized bed and queen couch bed pullout. The suite had two bathrooms and a kitchenette. Next time we go to Vermont we will probably just stay at this hotel and then do day trips - it really was a perfect set up for our family!

The trees here are starting to turn, but have a few weeks to go to get to peak. I am enjoying it all though, cooler weather, wind...the changing season.

What is autumn like where you live?


  1. Mom, I cannot believe that you left out the part about Lindsay getting lost on our hike!! But I guess that is a story for another time...:)

  2. New England is beautiful in the fall. We went a couple of years ago to NH and Maine, didn't get to Vermont though. Here in Tennesse, we are not turning yet.

  3. What a lovely time you and yours enjoyed! The hotel sounds perfect and the location incredible. I've never been to the northeast - furthest east for me has been Pennsylvania and Maryland. No further north.

    So so so glad your time away was lovely, MrsRabe. :o)

    Autumn here in NorCal. Hm. It's definitely cooler! 80 degrees with a slight breeze which means tHat cAt is staying inside longer which I love. Yesterday while having coffee with Rocky we noticed the first yellow leaf on our big tree in front. By November 1 all the trees will have turned their glorious autumn colors and the leaves will begin to fall in earnest. The temps will be lower 70's (almost perfect!) and we'll make way for the winter rains and fog.

    jAne at tickleberry farm

  4. I live in NY and this year it is non stop rain so far. The clouds are horrible. I've been taking Vitamin D to help me with the no sun blues! :O)


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