Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Every year, my Mom and I take the girls and do a "kick off the holiday season" day out of shopping.

This year it isn't going to happen.  

You see Tim and I are committed to being debt free.  We use credit cards but pay them off at the end of the month.  This last statement was big, with a capital B!  But we had our vacation on it (which was planned for) and new tires for the van.  It had several other big needs as well.  Because it was big, it ate up the 'discretionary' spending.

Now, before you feel too badly for me, know that Sunday afternoon through Wednesday I am getting a basically free trip to Williamsburg!  One of my favorite places!  And we are going along with our pals from Hospitality Lane!  It is going to be so fun!  Then home for Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad, Nate and Kay and Kamryn, Tim's brother Dan and family and our friend Denny. We are so blessed.

But just for the record I am disappointed. However to go would mean putting it on the credit card and having to stretch the budget way too much to pay for it.  I love this day out with my girls.  They are growing and changing so much...I love celebrating these special days with them.
I guess I will have to console myself by preparing for my trip this next week....


  1. Debt free is a GREAT place to be!! We made this decision about 5 years ago -- and it is SOOO worth the sacrifice!! Dave Ramsey was the tool God led us to, and it worked for us! Now to work on the big mortgage!

    As for your day with the girls...how about a day out, but not spending!? a picnic or sewing with friends or "make a gift" outing? Make another tradition as meaningful as the day of shopping!
    Mary Lou

  2. When the weather gets better we still need to get to Longwood for some amazing photos of our girls.
    That won't cost us a penny, but I do know what you mean...times are a'changing and sometimes our traditions have to change too. Hopefully it is just this year.

    I'm soooooo looking forward to Williamsburg. Hugs!

  3. I'm with Mary Lou...don't let the absence of $$ keep you from making memories w/your girls. Do some window shopping and splurge on cups of cocoa! Your girls will remember "the day mom kept our tradition" fondly!


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