Friday, November 5, 2010

The Home Life

"In considering the influence of the home-life that leave deep and permanent impressions on character, thought must be given to the books and papers that are read.  The innovation of the art of printing marked a new era in the world's history.   On the printed pages that fly everywhere like the leaves of autumn, drifting to our doors and swept into our innermost chambers, are borne to us the golden thoughts of the best and wisest men and women of all ages.  The blessings that the print scatters are infinite and rich beyond all estimate.  But the same types that today give us pure and holy thoughts, words of truth and of life, tomorrow give us veiled suggestions of evil, words of honeyed sweetness, but in which deadly poison is concealed.  It is related that one of the soldiers of Cyrus found a casket which was reported to be full of valuable treasures.  It was opened, and out of it came a poisonous atmosphere which caused a terrible plague in the army.  Many a book that is bound in bright colors has stored within those covers the most deadly moral influences.  To open it in a pure home, among young and tender lives, is to let loose evils that never can be gathered back and locked up again."

J.R. Miller
Homemaking/The Family


  1. I love that book. It's ancient wisdom is still as true today as it was when written. Have a blessed weekend, Mrs. Rabe.

  2. How true this is....Thank you for sharing

  3. One of my favorite books. I bought it for all of my friends a couple of years ago. It is SO rich! Lisa~

  4. What a wonderful post, and so true too. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful weekend.


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