Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Blessed

What a beautiful day we had here for Thanksgiving.

 Lots of baby holding took place.

 Much laughter...

 Lots of love...

 Lots of girl cousins...

 Room for twelve at my table...

Tomorrow the fall things will get packed away until next year.  Christmas is descending in our cottage and in our hearts.  This day of Thanksgiving prepares us for the focus of the gift of a baby....

Hope your day was filled with family and friends, like ours was. 


  1. Your pictures show what a wonderful Thanksgiving was enjoyed by your family -- blessings!

  2. Beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful day.

    Have fun with the Christmas decorations. My children have taken over that department for me!

  3. Lovely pictures...your cutiepie little Kamryn is getting so big!

    We had a great time at my brother and sis-in-love's house but I'm now contemplating making a turkey soon, following your directions. That's the bad part of going away for the holiday-none of the leftover turkey for hot turkey salad (a big favorite of mine!)


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