Charter Day

 Every year, on the second Sunday in March, Pennsylvania celebrates the receiving of the Charter for the land that was given to William Penn.  We celebrate it by having all the State museums open for free.

 We chose to go to a wonderful local living history museum called Landis Valley Museum.
 They interpret history from 1740 - 1940.

 I love living history amazes me that people who lived without our modern conveniences lived such lovely lives.
 I am particularly fond of the way they cooked and provided meals for their families and others.

 That fireplace behind her has a nice fire and they were cooking a ham to make a pot pie...

 Hence the pie crusts waiting...

 Emily and Rachel were looking at a display of old revolvers.

 This is a trumpet old must it be?

 Herbs on the kitchen window sill

 I also liked the textile building...they were showing flax and hemp.

 This is a photo I took for Debbie - you would have loved this room!
 This loom is from the 1500's...

 This one is from the 1800's and they were making a green and black check pattern - it is going to be a cloak...

 We have many families who homeschool at our church and we enjoyed the day together!  We missed the Barrs who decided to take their boys to the Railroad Museum.  

 The day was beautiful here - in the 60's - perfect to me! 

 This was a very small house - a kitchen, a bedroom, and a loft upstairs...
 Loved this kitchen...

 Warren and Becky were celebrating 23 years of marriage!  We are thankful for such good friends!

 These are friends from church too.  The youngest contingent of the family with their beautiful mother.  Thankful for you Bonnie!  We had fun with the kids on a wagon ride!
 Here is our pastor, Mike and a friend from church Jenny.  The kids all love her and Mike too.  I don't know of how many pastors are so close to the families of their churches.  We are thankful for you Mike!

 I enjoyed the general store...

 This beautiful woman was making Bobbin Lace.  So beautiful and amazing...

Afterward, we all sat around, reluctant to leave each other...but eventually we did leave, got some dinner and came home.  What a beautiful day.

We are so blessed.


  1. It was so much fun and such wonderful weather to be out and about.

  2. Looks and sounds truly delightful!

  3. That looks like a beautiful living history museum! I am a little weird, but I usually get decorating inspiration from those kinds of museums. (But I do love I enjoy that aspect too!) :-D

    You arei blessed to have such fellowship with believers in your world!

  4. Anyone who selected the living history museum chose
    very well indeed. It looks like such a fun day with many
    interesting things to see. I would have really enjoyed watching the lace being made.

  5. Great day with great friends.Thanks to our resident photographer and tour guide Deanna.....Great museum choice..Can't wait til next year!

  6. I love living history museums. This would be so enjoyable.

    We went to the Railroad Museum when we visited your area and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It's hard to believe Matthew was still in a stroller when we were there.


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