Emily's Birthday, Garden Stuff, White Dishes and I Have Reached That Age...

 The tulips planted in the fall are starting to make their way out of the ground, looking for sunshine!

 These daffodils, photographed just a few days ago are in full bloom now.

 The birds have been visiting the feeder once again...

 More tulips...

 Emily's choice for birthday lunch out was Chili's.  

 Her grandparents, Uncle Denny, Tim and I went in together and got her a nice camera.  She is excited to have one that works, just in time for her trip to Senegal!

 I love when she curls her hair!  So cute!

 Rachel took this photo of my mom!  Doesn't she look beautiful?

 I was wearing one of our beautiful scarves that we sell in our store!  I wore it because it was perfect with my skirt but also to hide a rash ( not poison ivy though) I got on my neck, that was also inflamed.  Can you see how swollen my right side under my chin is?  Icky..,it is getting better though...slowly.

 Emily's friend Amber joined us for lunch, too.  Emily kindly passed her dessert around for us all to try...yummy.

 A few hours later we got to see Jonah!  You must make a trip to see this show if you can!  You will love it!

We have quite a group of people from church who work at Sight and Sound.  They each got 4 tickets to bring guests for the employee premiere!  That meant many of our friends from church got to come, as well as my parents!  It was a lot of fun!

Today, while waiting for my eye appointment, I went into the Christmas Tree Shoppes.  I found rose bushes on sale for $6.00 each!  I don't know how they will do growing wise, but I thought they were worth a try!

They also had these amazing dishes...
 Pfaltzgraff, cream colored, basket weave pattern on the edges!  I have been wanting some white dishes for a while now - we have so many people over and white lets you mix and match your dishes etc...

 So, I call Tim and tell him about them and the price and he says "Get them."  Smile!

 The price - do you want to know the price?  $1.69 per plate or 2 for $3.00!  I bought a dozen for $18.00. 

Now for the AGE business...I knew it was coming, I'd been warned for years and yet managed to hold it off until now.  Sigh.  Bifocals.  Sigh.  At least my glasses are cute, and I am getting a progressive lens.  I will show you when I get them.   My eyes are very healthy and I am so thankful for that!

Do any of you wear bifocals or readers? 


  1. Yes, all the gals in your family look great. Your mother looks so relaxed and happy, you look wonderful in that scarf, Emily is well, she's eighteen, she's gorgeous.

    Hope that you'll share your glasses with us one day soon. (I wear cheaters.)

  2. Yep! Progressives! If they are made correctly you won't have a problem!!

  3. I wear progressives as well. I am not real happy with my glasses, they are nice but not cute! Next year......

  4. Btw. Thanks for the compliment!!

  5. I have reading glasses, so far :)

    The dishes are wonderful and rose bushes at that price are definitely worth a try!

  6. Deanna, what crazy fun you have been having!! Birthdays, musicals, family, friends...blessings!

    Your scarf is beautiful...and you look beautiful in it! (You have your mom's eyes. :-)

    And those dishes!! What a steal! I do love that pattern...it's perfect for your cottage. I can imagine many happy meals around your table.

  7. Forgot to answer your question...
    Can you believe that at age 51 I still don't wear bifocals?! I have a good friend who advised me years ago not to get bifocals until I was totally sure--even desperate--that I needed them. Well I am there now. Unfortunately, our insurance won't cover new glasses until September, but I will definitely be joining the bifocals club then. I have worn glasses for distance vision for years...but now I cannot read a.single.thing with those glasses on. I am getting tired of glasses-on-glasses-off. Just seeing price tags in a store is ridiculous. Sigh...

  8. Don't worry about the bifocals. I had to get them a few years ago, and I also went with progressives, which the eye doctor talked me into. I'm still not sure I wouldn't be happier with regular bifocals. The eye dr. eased me into them slowly, so there wasn't a huge adjustment at first. Give yourself some time to adjust, and I'm sure you'll do fine!

  9. I hope Emily takes lots of pictures with her new camera during her trip to Senegal and shares them all with us on her blog! It would be fun to tag along with them through their blogs.

    Those are beautiful white dishes!

    I hope your roses do well. When we fist bought this house I found some roses on clearance at Walmart for that price since they weren't doing so well. I brought them home and loved on them and now they have grown so much and are doing so well and keep giving us roses after roses. I love them!


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