For My Daughter, On Her 18th Birthday

My dearest, darling Emily,

From the day you were born you have brought such happiness to my life. You have always been full of such an exuberance for lifeYour spark has often been noted by others and it is what people first notice about you.

Along with your beauty, your willingness to serve, work hard, love others, sets you apart.  You are a loyal and generous friend.  I am thankful to be your friend.

On this day when we say you are an adult now, I pray that you will continue to cling to Jesus, to fix your eyes on Him as the prize, knowing that whatever His brings into your life is the cherry on top.  I pray you will continue to walk in His ways, to allow Him to lead you.  He desires your good.  He has begun a "good work in you" and "will be able to complete it in you."

Dad and I are so thankful for you.  We know that one day God's man for you will come...and when that happens we will all rejoice.

I know you are excited to go to Senegal, it is going to be such a special trip for you, Dad and Lindsay.

On this day - such a big day in your life - I want you to know that you are a treasure, a gift so rare, and that I love you. Dearly.



  1. A sweet tribute to Emily on her 18th birthday... Hope that it is a very happy day and a wonderful year ahead!

  2. Oh my....that was just so touching and beautiful....

    Happy Birthday Emily. :o)

  3. I love her so much. She has such a willingness to serve.! She is a loyal to her friends and a real delight to the family!

  4. What a beautiful blessing to be prayed over your daughter on this special birthday...

    Happy Birthday to Emily from Oregon!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. This lovely tribute to your daughter melts my heart!

    I hope that your Emily's 18th birthday was everything that she hope for! Birthday blessings to her!

  6. Sweet! Emma is one of our favorite people. I think she had a pretty great birthday. This is a keeper of a post.

  7. Happy Birthday Emily! I am not on FB so I couldn't instantly wish u a Happy Day! Hope you had a wonderful day Dear Gertrude!!! Love you ! Auntie Peaches


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