Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days - How Did I Get To Be This Age?

I have a big birthday this week, but I am not sure I should mention my coming age, because Vee says "A woman who will tell her age,  will tell you anything" and I don't want to get THAT kind of reputation at my age!  

I sometimes find myself surprised by where I'm at in life.  After all, I have young kids still (my youngest is eight) and so many of my friends have kids in that age range.  

HOWEVER, the majority of my friends have grown children as do I and grandkids, as do I - I have the most adorable granddaughter!

Our family is a bridge in our extended family, on both sides no less, because we have a wide age span  that extends down to our siblings grandkids.  Kyle at age eight is only six months older than Tim's sister's oldest grandson.  And my nephews' son is four years old.  This has been such a blessing to me!  I am bridging the gap and able to reach back to our nieces and nephews as they raise their children, able to relate to issues as it hasn't been all that long since I was dealing with those very issues.

However it was a bit of a rude awakening this year and realize that I am going to be a woman of a certain age.  How did I get to be this age?  I have thought about this quite a bit, and when the dust settled from all my thinking, I realized that this is a very good thing.

I am loving being able to relate to those in my generation as well, as our kids generation.  It has kept me young thinking, learning new things, and yet I really do have some wisdom that I have gained over the years.

I am loving this season of life I am in.  What about you?  Do you love the season of life you're in?


  1. I have found something to enjoy and love about each season of my life! It's all about living in the moment! Enjoyed your post!

  2. I am finding this season of life to be particularly disconcerting because we don't continue to have young ones in our home. All of ours have matured about the same time. I love that they are amazing young adults but miss so much that was familiar.

    You are reaching this certain age with grace. Embrace it.

  3. It beats the alternative! We arrived at this age by keeping on breathing and the hand of a loving God.

    Love what you have decided about your circumstances...that of being a bridge from younger to older generations. Some of us have felt squeezed, but your take is far more positive and refreshing.

  4. I love where I am in life too! I don't necessarily like the aging part but each day is special:) Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

  5. I love your idea on age and I pray I live the same way too. I am made in His image at any age. Imagine that! Instead of glamorizing something that we cannot be~20(coveting), we can aspire to fulfill the roles we are to be at every age~ child, daughter, sister, friend, student, young bride, young mother, mom, mom of teens, daughter of elderly parents, mom of married children, grandmother, and so on.

    Imagine if we all would accept our role and allow the Light to shine for others as we do so.


  6. Good morning! I popped over from Vee's blog and I am glad I did. I enjoyed this. To answer your question, Yes, I love the season I am in. However, (why is there always that word!?) What I have discovered is...I have a hard time letting go of one season of life to embrace the next. And yet, I always end up really loving the new so you'd think I'd learn. OH! And as the seasons change, and the body AGES and it is harder to get around and more things start causing issues, don't really care for that either, haha. Enjoy your day! Debbie

  7. Yes, I do love the season that I am in! There is much to love...35 years of life with the same guy, 4 precious children who love the Lord, happy marriages for 2 of them, 8 sweet grandchildren. Certainly, there are challenges as one gets older, but they are balanced by other blessings.

    Like Vee, I love how you're defining your current a bridge of generations! That is so good!

    I think that it's important to be willing to be used by God at every season, and we can't do that by balking at where we are in life's journey.

  8. I, too, am now a woman of a certain age. Our youngest is now a college freshman, and the middle child just got engaged and graduates from college this Dec. We also have a 7 year old grandson - our oldest son's child. I do sometimes stop and think, how did this happen? Where did it go? How did I get here? But I am also excited about the next step of spending empty-nest time with my dear hubby. I am however in danger of becoming a crazy cat lady, so I need to watch that...
    Quick story - this morning I was driving through my neighborhood and saw young couples and their young children chatting, and I thought, yes, I do sort of wish that I were back to that age. I think it is because I wish that I felt like I had more time on this earth. But, each of us only has the time that The Lord gives to us, so no point in thinking such things. Eyes forward. Life forward!
    I have been praying for Him to show me where he wants to use me in this new season. I am ready to be used for His glory!

  9. HI, I came over from Vee's I do enjoy the season I am in! I find that it just keeps getting better and better!

  10. Happy Birthday, Deanna. I first "met" you through Vee. I am now following. I have an idea of how old you might be, but I think it is wonderful that you still have an 8 yo!! Wonderful to have received blessings from God. Happy, happy birthday! xo (P.S. I tell my age readily, as I have been told many times I don't look it, ha! but I will never tell my weight lol!)

  11. Popped over from Vee's. I am enjoying the season I am in. I love being a grandmother, I love watching my sons grow and mature as adults and I love having time with just my husband again. There are challenges of course (many more aches and pains) but there is no other age I would rather be. Happy birthday

  12. Happy Birthday to you! And I like what Vee beats the alternative! I felt great through my 50s! ENJOY!!!

  13. I'm visiting at Vee's invitation and although I am in a decade beyond yours, love my season of life.
    Too often I see women my age dressing like a 20 year old and it just makes one shake their head. I read a previous post of yours about this and I wish this type of woman would embrace who she has become and stop trying to live in the younger days.
    A interesting topic to address.

  14. I love that our boys are so close in age.
    I just with we lived closer to you so i could glean all your wisdom on raising kids, marriage, hospitality.

  15. in jest i tell people i'm 34. for some reason that year of life is my favorite. this year marked the 21st anniversary of said year. ahem... wink.

    it's easy to love the seasons of life when the season is kind and not harsh. as you well know, my current season is rather harsh - has been for some time now. i'm learning to seek Him in all things, pressing in deeper to His embrace, and learning how to honor Him in particular griefs, and praise Him *no matter what.* it's a process that He's walking me through and i'm learning to trust His leading all over again every moment...for every moment His mercies are new. GREAT is His faithfulness.


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