A Twist on Tradition

One thing we love at this time of year is TRADITIONS.  From when we decorate to making sugar cookies, we love our traditions.

Several ladies and I at church yesterday were discussion traditions and what things we do in our families at Christmas time.

As we shared I realized that over the years some of the things we did when our older children were young have changed, and we no longer do them.  We have replaced them with new traditions.

I've learned that sometimes we try to hold on to certain things "because it's 'TRADITION'" and not because it is something that works for us as a family anymore.

Sometimes, you just can't find the time in the busyness of daily life to do them, or perhaps your kids have lost interest or perhaps the family dynamic has changed.  

I say that it's okay!  Let the tradition change, if only for one year even.  We need to give ourselves the freedom to choose what works for us and doesn't work for us as families.

One tradition we've had is to make sugar cookies and use color sugars on them.  We've made them with my grandmother, we've made them with friends who have lots of little ones and we brought the dough and the sprinkles and lots of big hands to help little ones have fun!  That was a great blessing to us all - the kids had a fabulous time!  You can see my post about it here.

This year we are doing a twist on tradition as my kids are going to Joseph's family's home tonight to make Gingerbread House cookies.  They are excited as they love Joseph's family and are delighted to be asked to come have fun with them!  Kyle especially loves that Joseph has four younger brothers in his age range!  

Will we make our traditional sugar cookies this year?  Only if the kids ask, and really feel a need to do it.  I am okay with this twist on our tradition, and don't feel the need to do "ours" as well.

It all is part of keeping Christmas simple, enjoyable and as Cheryl, and the Nester say, "Uncomplified."

We are enjoying this Christmas season without stress which is what we all need.

So, what about you?  How is your Christmas season?  Are you doing any twists on tradition?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Good thoughts here, especially as I contemplate some huge changes this year, partly with the loss of my mother, the center family member of Christmases past, and then with our kids wanting Christmas at their house this year, establishing their own traditions, All good, and all just what life brings us as time passes.

  2. I appreciate your thoughts here, Deanna. We love tradition, but there are times when it is absolutely the right thing to do to alter those traditions...to fit our family's needs and desires and to flow with the changes that inevitably come.

    Actually, the cookie baking that I blogged about yesterday was an altered tradition! Kristin and her children and the girls and I usually have a big cookie baking day in December, but we decided this year to let it go. We had started baking together when Kristin's children were all young and it was helpful to have three adults for baking and child care. But as her children have gotten older, the needs have changed and we decided to bake separately this year. But...some of the kids felt gypped, so we decided to compromise by baking one kind of cookie together on a day that we're together anyway.

    That was probably TMI. :D But I get what you're saying and I think you're right on!

  3. Hope that we see the results of that gingerbread cookie experience! It does sound like fun.


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