Prayer Request


Will you pray with me for my Momma?  She is going in to have a CT scan at 9:30 am.  I appreciate it so much.

There is something they need to get a better look at, so they will start here, with the CT scan.  She has had some symptoms that could mean that she has ovarian cancer, but we just don't know yet.

I am asking that you pray for peace for her, and for clarity in the scan, that it will be a non malignant growth, and for wisdom in how to proceed if it is malignant.

Thank you so much!

I'll update when I know anything.

My sister in law had ovarian cancer a few years ago, and did surgery to remove the ovary and then did a strict regimen of supplements and diet.  She is doing very well.  I don't know what my mom would choose at this point, if it's necessary.

We are trusting in the One who holds everything in the palm of His hand, and wrote her whole life before one day of that life came to be. (Psalm 139:16)


  1. Yes, I will certainly be in prayer. This is one of those times when it is important to take things one moment at a time. Anything more is overwhelming. Much comfort and peace for you all.

  2. It can be scary when our mother's go through this, can't it?
    Praying for you all!


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