It was a day of anticipation

 Of dollys

and beautiful jewelry

Sisters piling on the baby brother in thanks for the cool pocket knives he bought them with his own money.

Gift cards

Fun with ribbon

Precious packages

Sweet niece - first Christmas far from home wearing a pretty hand knit scarf from a loving Auntie…

 Drinking tea from an awesome new mug set - 

Fun with a new utility trailer

Redneck sledding

Evening reading

Finally to bed
It was a beautiful day.  One of our other nieces came over in the afternoon, we relaxed, played games, ate yummy food, played wii bowling, watched the Dr. Who and Downton Abbey Christmas specials.

We pondered, prayed and gave thanks.  We thought of those who were living with loss this season.  

Remembering the Reason for our very lives…the reason we can celebrate with hope, Jesus the Christ.

I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the Gift and the Giver of the greatest Gift!


  1. Beautiful day!
    I got that same mug set from our family in Northern Ireland! :)

  2. It sounds like a fun and full day! Did you watch an old Downton or this current year's on your computer? I guess when we watch this current year's version on TV it will be long after Christmas. :-)

  3. All in all a lovely day...Some cool gifts. I'm a little jealous of the utility wagon and the pocket knives! =D

  4. It was a very wonderful day. So glad that yours was too. The meaning of the season is always the forefront.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I loved this post! Your bedroom looks lovely and so restful!


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