Happy New Year

I've had a lazy morning so I need to get moving, gotta get my morning ride in on our recumbent exercise bike.  I have a lot of issues with my lower back that make walking for exercise difficult right now, but the bike doesn't cause pain, so I pedal away for about 30-40 minutes.

In keeping with the discipline I am hoping to develop in my life, a few weeks ago I started to spend less time online.  I am not being "noble" or "virtuous" I just was spending way too much time with my face in the computer and not doing other things like reading books, and being creative in my home.  I am enjoying still staying in touch with everyone but also being fully present in my real life.

I bought some new books with gift cards after Christmas and can't wait to really delve into them.

I bought An Everlasting Meal after hearing about it from Brenda.

I am a largely self taught cook, I cook from scratch, most of the time.  However I know I could stand to learn some things about cooking and using what we have already on hand to create delicious and nutritious meals.  

The Herb Sourcebook was a ridiculously inexpensive price after Christmas at Barnes and Noble.  I love to learn and I have been wanting to have more knowledge about herbs and thought this seemed like a good place to start.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity is wonderful to look through and I've begun to read in it here and there.  The photographs are wonderful, and as one who loves Domesticity its a perfect book for me.  I bought one each for Lindsay and Emma.

After I read them I will do a review for you all.

We are having friends over tonight and my parents and niece.  It will be fun.  Lindsay's birthday is tomorrow, so we will likely let her open gifts at midnight.  She and I did some wedding shopping last night and dinner out.  It was a great time. 

Thursday is our 26th Anniversary.  We aren't going away this year - we are putting on a wedding!  We will go out for a meal together, probably lunch, because of Tim's work schedule.

I am looking forward to the New Year.  The known things of this coming year are wonderful, and the unknown things?  Well, I know who holds it all in HIS hands.  I'm going to trust HIM with it, let HIM reveal it to me in HIS time.


  1. Your book choices look great, and I like recumbent bicycles too. I use one at a health club and am thinking of buying one. One brand do you have?
    Would you tell me via email or in a comment on my blog? Lots of celebrating for you with a birthday, wedding and anniversary. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary!
    Your book choices look great - will anticipate your reviews, especially the Gentle Art of Domesticity.


  3. It is easy to get lost in time on the computer especially when it's easy to jump on and off--that can be even more dangerous. That Domesticity book looks really interesting, I look forward to your review. Happy Anniversary and happy new year!

  4. Very busy you are at the beginning of each New Year! Birthdays and an anniversary are causes for celebration at any time, but must be extra special at New Year's. I've heard good things about those recumbent bikes...glad to hear that it's working for you, too.

    Looking forward to the book reviews! Brenda has amazing powers...she can make us want to read a book. I've read quite a number as a direct result of her reviews.

    Happy New Year, Rabes! It's going to be a great one.

  5. Happy New Year and Anniversary to you!!
    Our 21st is coming up on the 16th, it will be a quiet one, but for our 25th I would love to renew our vows.

    Blessings for the new year to you and yours.


  6. Happy Birthday to Lindsay, her last as Miss Rabe! And a Happy Anniversary to you and Tim!

    I applaud your commitment to greater discipline this coming year. I should follow your lead. When I heard the number of books that each of my adult daughters had read this year (65 and 58!), I was embarrassed at my lack. Yikes!

    Blessings to you in this new year, friend!

  7. Happy Birthday to the bride to be!
    You will have such a wonderful time of planning and executing the wedding. Add to that the greater joy of seeing her in a covenant of marriage, and you have so much to anticipate this year!

    Last year, we did lunch for our anniversary. I liked it. For one thing, lunch is cheaper than dinner and I love frugality.

    Love the look of all three book, especially that last one.


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