Gingerbread House Cookies

Last night the kids went to Joseph's family's home to decorate Gingerbread House Cookies.  Emma and I went to a showcase for the graduates of Sight and Sounds' Conservatory.  A young lady from the Conservatory has been attending our church.  It was a wonderful evening.  This was a talented bunch of students.  

I wanted to show you the lovely gingerbread that the kids made.

 This is Kyle's Bilbo Baggins.  He said the white icing is the spider webs that Bilbo got tangled in.  Very creative.

 Kyle brought this one home for me.  It was made by John Michael - age 8.

Kyle's house.  He decorated the front door with a wreath, he said.  Then he went on to mention how the silver balls were just like BB's and maybe they were.  I assured him they weren't and that he can't eat BB's.

 This tree was made by Jane.  I think the tiny candy canes are sweet.  Rachel ate it for breakfast this morning.

 This beautiful one was made by Susanna - Joseph's mom.

Laura made this one.

Emma made a castle.  The kids and Emma said it was ugly.

They had such a good time.  It's always fun to do things with friends and future family!  We are very blessed to have such an easy, drama free (as Susanna says) relationship with Joseph's family.  It makes for happy times together.


  1. You tell Emma her castle is lovely! Bilbo was quite interesting.

  2. Susanna is such an artist. I can't wait to have another artsy/craftsy night for the church ladies. Let's do it soon...well in the New Year.

    It was nice to see you last evening.

  3. Looks like such fun! Yummy creations!

  4. There is lots of creativity represented here! Fun, fun!

  5. What fun! Beautiful work and creative!


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